1001 Academic Word Test  v.1 2

1001 Academic Word Test is a great and excellent tool for those people who need to participate in a regular school or in a higher education level, where they have to take classes, learn, practice and speak the English Language in a fluent form, someb

English spelling  v.0.1a

Practice your English with this tool. English spelling is a simple Java software that randomically choose a word in a word list and spell it, so we can practice our english alphabet. Design to IELTS exams.Requirements: *


Desktop Sprite for TOEFL iBT Words

Desktop sprite for learning TOEFL iBT words. Adjust the speed of rolling freely. Remember words while working.

TOEFL iBT Reading Conqueror  v.2.0.8

One of the products in popular Test Conqueror Series. High score guaranteed. Famous teachers' recommendation. -Skill and Speed Practice Module: Practice group reading by Flash Mode, Hiding Mode, Forcing Mode, and Normal Mode.

Read Up - Speed Up Demo  v.2.0

Developed to improve learner reading-speeds, text-chunking skills and counter sub-vocalisation.

English Tenses Quizzes  v.1 5

Tenses are one of the most difficult subjects in English learning, and they can be really confusing for some people. Shall we use the past simple or the past perfect tense when talking about an action that occurred before another?

International Time  v.27. 8. 2004

Discover how this progam will help you keep track of the local current date and time of any of your contacts who live in a different time zone to yours. Once you have entered the relevant data into the program, with a single click of your mouse,

Registration Backup  v.24. 9. 2004

Discover how this Product Key Manager will help you keep an up-to-date backup of all your software product keys in a safe and central location (+ their download site). Your data will be very securely encrypted using the unbroken Blowfish algorithm,

CD Storage  v.1.0.9

save CD filesystem as database.

ExitWin  v.3. 7. 2004

Discover how this program will help you with the problem of having unattended computers left running for long periods of time by swtiching them off for you at a set time each day.

OneWord  v.

OneWord is an app to help you develop your vocabulary via flashcards. OneWord has a listing of over 240,000 words. It also includes various phrases. At each tap on the card, you get a new word. If you know the word,

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